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Important Considerations For Your Next Website Build

Read our run-down of important points to consider for your next website build. _ 188136817_2832187430363839_2104501332158828769_n (1)


Getting Ready For Your Website Build

You’re thinking about commissioning a website build with us?


To ensure that our developers can create a final product that meets all your needs, we’ll need you to provide us with key information & materials so that your final website functions as a perfect extension of your business. _  Image Name

You can use this article as a checklist for your own preparations as you move forward with your project and it’ll massively help your collaboration with us as we start work developing your website.


  • Please provide a brief written summary of what your organisation does or what your project is about.

For instance, what do you do? Are you a business? Or a non-profit or community organisation? Maybe you’re an individual who is unattached or you’re planning a just-for-fun or hobby project.

What products or services do you sell? Do you have a catalogue or is everything bespoke-to-order? In either case, knowing the details about your products & services would greatly help us tailor your website to your unique needs.

If you’re an organisation, who are your founders? Do you have staff? Maybe you’re an individual or a duo operating on a more personal level and in this instance, you should give some information about yourself.

Do you have a physical location? What are your opening hours? Can customers just walk in or are appointments necessary?

When were you founded? What’s your history? Was it an intense struggle to get started or are you just making it up as you go along?

Who are your customers or your target users? Do you know their demographics? Is there a particular unifying characteristic that they will all tend to share?

What’s your unique selling proposition (USP)? What are your long-term goals? How did you start? How long have you been operating?

Goal Setting

  • Summarise the main aim you would like to achieve with your website.

Do you want to increase brand awareness? Perhaps generate leads?

Maybe you’d like to sell products or services directly through an online store or offer a direct booking system to your clients? Is your main aim to provide customer support, or something else entirely? 

Whatever your aims, you should provide a set of goals & targets. Be as specific as possible here so that we can work to accommodate your needs.

Branding Guidelines

  • Please provide details of your brand identity or preferred branding components.

For example, this can include your logo, any preferred colour schemes, bespoke artwork, fonts, and any other elements that are part of your visual brand identity.

If you don’t have these yet, please inform us and we will work with you in order to create them for a small additional fee.

Website Content

  • As a website owner, content creation will be one of your most important considerations and you will need to provide as much possible content to us as the “raw materials” for your project.

Please provide us with any text, images, and videos you may want to include in your website. 

Images can be pictures of yourself, your products, photos taken during service sessions, your premises or office, customer interactions, etc. The more high-quality images we have to work with the better!

Images should be high quality and a decent overall resolution. Images should be up-to-date and provide a fair representation of what you and your project currently look like & offer.

If you do not currently possess up-to-date images then please let us know as we can potentially assist with resolving this issue for small additional fees.

Text might include product descriptions, blog posts, staff bios, service descriptions, opening hours, company history, and mission statements.

Please ensure that all your own text contains up-to-date information.

Remember that high-quality, relevant written content is absolutely key to search engine optimization (SEO) and can massively influence how effective your website is at attracting new users & customers.

If you need assistance creating new texts, please inform us and we will help out for small additional fees.

Site Structure

  • Consider what pages & features you would like on your website and try to create a rough outline of what you’ll require for your website to fulfil your aims.

Common pages include Home, About Us, Services/Products, Blog, Contact Us, etc. 

Common features could include contact forms, social media integration, online booking, e-commerce functionality, live chat, etc.

Think about your audience, who they are, and how you can make it easier for them to interact with you and how you can offer value and useful features to them.

Competitor Websites

  • Provide examples of competitor websites or other sites you admire to help us to understand your preferences and expectations.

If you’re a business, you will definitely have competitors.

Providing some details of your competitors will help us to understand the standards and peculiarities of your target market & your audiences so that we can better serve you when it comes to building your website.

If you have never done a competition analysis before then we can help you carry this out. So please, feel free to ask if you feel you are lacking the proper information!

If competition is not strictly relevant to you (if you’re a community organisation, or a just-for-fun project, for example), then instead look to websites that are in the same game as yourself to give us an idea of what you would like to achieve.


  • Be clear about your timeline for the project.  

As a rule, we aim for a standard project turnover time of about two weeks with simple projects being turned-over in an even quicker timeframe.

However, depending on workload or the complexity of your project this can sometimes be longer.

We will endevour to be efficient with the delivery of your project and we will absolutely agree a target deadline in advance when you finalise your project with us.


  • Be clear about your budget constraints.

Your project will be quoted in advance to an agreed build fee (based on our standard project rates detailed on our websites page) and agreed service fees (which you can get an idea of from our hosting and domain names pages since domains & hosting form the bulk of services fees in a majority of cases).

We will always encourage you to be clear if you are working with certain budget constraints because there is often room for us to negotiate.

Similarly, if you will struggle to meet the agreed build & service fees, then please let us know as soon as possible & be clear about your problems so that we can negotiate you on a more even ground.

Hosting & Domain

  • You will need a domain & hosting for your website project.

You should decide whether you will buy a domain & hosting in advance or if you would like us to do this for you as part of your total service quote.

You can get instant quotes & contracts for hosting from for hosting and for domain names.

If you already have these then you’ll need to give us access credentials for your domain and hosting accounts.

Maintenance & Updates

  • Discuss who will be responsible for maintaining and updating the site once it’s live. 

For example, will you be updating your catalogue yourself or will you need us to assist with this?

If you have a blog, will you need our help to create content with this?

You should be honest about your website requirements and communicate this to us in advance. We charge very reasonable rates for updates to websites.

SEO & Marketing

  • You should be aware that websites only attract visitors in relation to the effort that is put into attracting them.

Do you have a plan to attract visitors and potential customers? If not, will you want us to assist with this?

Will you require us to implement advanced SEO and/or set up Google Analytics or other tracking tools?


  • Consider what legal documents or assurances may need to be displayed on your website.

Please provide your terms of service, privacy policy, or any other documents that need to be published on your site for legal purposes.

If you do not yet have these prepared, please let us know and we may be able to assist you with this!

Final Thoughts As You Consider Your Website Build

  • Remember, communication is key.

We’ll endeavour to maintain good communication with you and we’ll listen to your views along the way.

It will help us massively if you can develop a clear starting outline from the points in the article while also providing clear, concise feedback at each stage of the project.

This will help ensure that the final product meets your expectations!

If you’re worried about some element of your content not measuring up to standards, don’t be afraid to communicate with us, we can often give free advice and help-out on a bespoke basis.

Thanks for reading! _ 188136817_2832187430363839_2104501332158828769_n (1)

Dean Benton

Dean is EZWebs founder and a long time business & technology wonk.





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