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Why “Pay Monthly Websites” Cost More Than You Think

Learn why so-called "pay monthly websites" are usually a terrible value proposition. _ 188136817_2832187430363839_2104501332158828769_n (1)



At the same time as every business is looking to get their operations online, every business is also on a quest to save money.

This has led to businesses looking for alternatives to paying for websites up-front and this has led to the rise of so-called “Pay Monthly Websites”.

As CEO of, I pledge that we will never jump on this bandwagon.

This is because I believe that “Pay Monthly” website schemes are very misleading and I respect my customers enough to never mislead them into accepting an inferior payment scheme that is actually more expensive than people realise.

Quite simply, a close examination of the “Pay Monthly Website” schemes reveals that while they are being marketed as cost-effective money savers, in reality, they are far less economical than they appear and exist purely to inflate profit margins for greedy companies while locking customers into long-term contracts that are more expensive in the long-run.

In this article, I aim to explain why will never offer a “pay monthly website” scheme and instead, we will commit ourselves to offering more honest, transparent pricing plans while remaining on the forefront of competitive website development & technology service pricing.

The Hidden Costs Of "Pay Monthly" Websites

“Pay monthly” web design plans seem enticing at first glance, promising professional website builds with only small costs attached to them.

They also have the appeal of convenience. Promising to slim-down a complex customer invoice (Which would ordinarily have 3 separate components) into a single monthly payment.

However, the truth of the matter is that this model really represents a high-interest loan disguised as a money-saving sevice.

Allow me to demonstrate.

Many businesses are drawn to ‘pay monthly’ web design plans for their apparent affordability and convenience.

Here’s what these plans typically involve:

⬤ Monthly Fees

Most commonly range from £19 to £50 (and often as high as £150 per month), so we’ll assume a fairly conservative median cost of £34.50 per month, leading to £414.00 annually.

⬤ Long-term Costs

Over three years, the monthly payments mean you could be looking at £1,242 or more in accumulated costs under this model, with ongoing costs that never cease or reduce, significantly increasing the total expense without ever transferring full website or domain ownership to you.

⬤ Hidden Costs

While these plans market themselves as “flat-rate”, they frequently include hidden fees for updates, scalability, and beyond-the-basic features.

The result of the endless charges is more equivalent to a high-interest loan disguised as a service, locking you into endless payments for assets that you will never own because you will never pay the costs down and your control of the assets is limited to the scope of what your service provider allows. A Model of Transparency & Lasting Value

Unlike the ever-accumulating costs of ‘pay monthly’ plans, offers a straightforward and transparent pricing model that ensures you get more than just a website—you secure an investment in your business’s future.

Here’s a deeper look at what makes our model the smarter choice:

Competitive Website Prices

Our website prices are simple. There is a cost that covers our building fees which covers our labour & resources.

Crucially, it’s important to emphasise that these are one-time fees that are always paid-off in the first year even if we negotiate a way to split the balance over a certain time period with you.

This means that costs almost always decline after the first year and you’ll only be paying for your hosting & doman name and other subscription services.

⬤ Basic Website (£150)

Ideal for new startups or small businesses, this package includes everything needed to establish a professional online presence: a custom-designed website, basic SEO optimization, product & service listings, contact forms, and original content creation.

⬤ Intermediate Website (£300)

Designed for growing businesses looking to expand their online footprint, this package offers enhanced design features, pages for each individual product or service, more complex page structures, advanced SEO, and additional content, providing a more dynamic user experience.

⬤ Advanced Website (£450)

Our premium offering caters to businesses requiring a robust online platform. This includes sophisticated design elements, comprehensive e-commerce solutions, live chat, booking systems, and custom integrations, all tailored to meet the specific needs of your operation.]

Transparent, Predictable Annual & Monthly Costs Alongside A Comprehensive Service

Because we are more than just a website developer, we offer comprehensive domain name registration & hosting services. Giving you the freedom to pick whatever level of service you need relative to your own needs & capacities.

⬤ Domain Names

Our domain names average an affordable price-tag of £26.85 per year for the most popular brand-new domain names, securing your brand’s unique identity online.

⬤ Hosting

The WordPress hosting plan we recommend to the majority of our customers costs Just £95.88 annually (£7.99/month), for fast, secure, and reliable website performance that includes many premium features we throw-in as a thank-you for long-term commitments. This includes useful technical features such as access to our CDN, free SSL security (an absolutely essential consideration for all websites), automatic backups & generous storage space.

A Basic Comparison Between Our Pricing Model & The Pay-Monthly Model

Lets illustrate this with a basic comparison of what you pay long-term with the pay-monthly models and what you pay long-term under our more traditional pricing.

Basic Website

1st Year Initial Costs:
Web design: £150-450 (paid off within year 1)
+ £26.85 (domain)
+ £95.88 (hosting)
= £272.73.

2nd and 3rd Year Costs:
Web design: £0 (paid-off)
+ 26.85 (domain)
+ 95.88 (hosting)

= £122.73/year.

Total 3 Year Outlay:
Between £518.19 - £818.19 depending on plan.

Basic "Pay-Monthly" Website

We assume an average price of £35.00 per month here based on what common "pay monthly" website prices appear to be.

1st Year Initial Costs:
£35 X 12 = £420.

2nd & 3rd Year Outlays:
(£35 X 12) X 2 = £840.00

Total 3 Year Outlay:
Approximately £1260 assuming £35.00 per month fee.

As we can see, 2nd & 3rd year ongoing commitments always reduce under our traditional pricing model while “Pay monthly website” costs always remain static..

This is because the website design component of our pricing structure is always paid-off within 1 year under our plans while the “Pay-Monthly Website” subscription is effectively charging you an unlimited total sum on an endless basis for their model.

The Advantage

As we can see, under our traditional website model, in all circumstances where standard domains & hosting are chosen, our plan provides vastly higher value for money than “Pay Monthly” plans.

Furthermore, our plans are totally flexible.

This means that the advantage is clear.

⬤ No Hidden Fees

The price you see is the price you pay. We believe in honest, upfront communication about costs, so there are no surprises down the line.

⬤ Full Ownership From Day 1

Unlike ‘pay monthly’ schemes that keep you tethered with ongoing payments, our model grants you full ownership of your website immediately—providing freedom and control over your digital assets.

⬤ The Price You See Is The Price You Pay

The price you see is the price you pay. We believe in honest, upfront communication about costs, so there are no surprises down the line.

⬤ Long-term Savings

With an initial investment in our services, the subsequent annual costs drop significantly to just domain and hosting fees—making our model far more cost-effective over time compared to the endless expenses of ‘pay monthly’ plans.


Opting for is not just a choice for better pricing; it’s a decision for greater value.

Our comprehensive web development packages that include website, hosting & domain name ensure that your website is not only visually appealing and functional but also optimized for search engines and performance — setting you up for success in the digital landscape.

In a marketplace filled with hidden fees and perpetual payment plans, we strive to offer a commitment to transparency, quality, and long-term value.

We don’t just build websites; we build digital foundations that support the growth and success of your business for years to come.

Join us, and invest in a partnership that respects your financial well-being and champions your online success.


Want to know more about our websites & pricing plans?

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Dean Benton

Dean is EZWebs founder and a long time business & technology wonk.





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