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Advanced Website Security

Advanced website security including our CDN system & 24/7 website malware scanners.​​​​

Website Security

Introducing Website Security _  Image Name Website security is an essential consideration because, on average, a hack or malware infection occurs every 30 seconds and over 30,000 websites are hacked or infected with malware every day.

The prospect of attacks on your website isn’t just something which can be mildly inconvenient, it can cost you and your customers serious amounts of money due to the way websites are connected to the global financial system through a complex network of information. 

That’s why website security is vitally important for your business on the world wide web.

We offer advanced website security packages that includes important online defense solutions in order to ensure your website is well fortified against hackers, DDOS and viruses! _  Image Name


Website Security

Why do you need website security?

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    Protect Your Customers & Offer Key Security Reassurances

    Your customers will be more likely & more willing to spend money with you and entrust their personal details to you if they see that you are taking security seriously and putting advanced website security measures such as WAF SSL & Firewall in place to protect their information & transactions.

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    Protect Your Online Identity

    Protect your brand and your website's identity through SSL and other key security features to ensure that your site cannot be copied by scammers looking to steal your identity and mislead your customers..

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    Defend Your Operations Against DDOS, Hacks & viruses.

    DDOS (denial-of-service) attacks, hacks and viruses can cause serious business outages and sometimes even result in direct financial losses. Our CDN service, WAF firewall & backup system ensures your website cannot be taken offline &. our dedicated malware scanners can detect malware before it has a chance to do any damage and remove the malware there and then!

Fun Fact!

The first ever example of a "hack" arguably occurred in 1903 when a Magician and inventor by the name of Nevil Maskelyne purposefully disrupted John Ambrose Fleming's public demonstration of a supposedly secure wireless telegraphy technology by sending insulting Morse code messages through the auditorium's projector!

3 Minute Video

Watch Our 3 Minute Explainer Video! _  Image Name Watch our short explainer video to discover the benefits of EZWEBS advanced website security service & how it can help protect your website from cyberattacks and viruses!

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What solutions are available for advanced website security? _  Image Name

Advanced Website Security

For websites that want standard advanced website security features including ongoing scanning, firewall and SSL.

£4.99 / per month _  Image Name

Advanced Website Security

Ideal for sites that want complete security that includes secure backups, or sites with security issues.

£13.99 / per month _  Image Name

Advanced Website Security

Perfect for business and ecommerce sites of any size that want priority support and the fastest malware removal turnaround.

£20.99 / per month




What Advanced Website Security Products Do You Offer?
Our primary web security products are:

  • SSL
  • Backups
  • Advanced Security Suite.

They are all beneficial in their own right because they each address specific issues.

For instance, our Website Security addresses hacks, web reputation, malware removal and provides CDN support.

However, you should also consider our SSL to ensure that all logins & sensitive information submissions are protected through SSL encryption.

Online Backups ensures that if anything DOES happen to your website, that you can restore it with ease!
What is a CDN?

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) ensires that your website is always available by distributing copies of your website to a network of services around the world.

This makes your site very difficult to attack because there are effectively multiple copies of your website available at any one time around the world.

It also offers performance improvements by localising the delivery of your website’s important content to users.

What Is A WAF?

WAF stands for “Web Application Firewall” and it essentially helps sanitise the traffic & information which is transmitted & submitted to your website.

It can help prevent against attacks such as DDOS & hacks as part of a broader suite of defensive options.

Can I Use Your Advanced Website Security Service With My Own Servers & Websites?


Our services work with absolutely any server and website. If you are self-hosting or using budget hosting, our advanced security service can really beef-up your website security.

Likewise, if you are on a high-end server but need some additional security, then our CDN and WAF systems can make all the difference! _ ezwebsphone-optim

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