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Email Marketing

Great value email marketing for your enterprise.

Email Marketing

What Is Email Marketing? _  Image Name The key to successful email marketing is actually getting your emails into the inboxes of your potential clients!

Our email marketing package works by allowing you to build a dedicated list of contacts who have specifically opted-in to your mailing list by filling-in a form, therefore granting you permission to send marketing materials to them, specifically allowing them to opt-out of your mailing list at any time.

This has many advantages. _  Image Name

Firstly, research shows that a marketing email is up to 5 times  more likely to be seen versus messages sent via social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Secondly, when it comes to actually emailing potential leads, your emails are unlikely to end up in the spam folder due to the consent given when people opt-in to your mailing list.

When you send out a mailshot, you can include discounts, useful information, special offers, news and all manner of content which adds value and will encourage your potential-customers to opt-in for your list and, ultimately, to  buy your products & services! _  Image Name



Professional Email Marketing

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    Reach Out To Your Leads

    Email marketing works because it allows repeated contact with a lead who has expressed interest in your enterprise. Through signing leads up to your mailing list, you will establish multiple points of contact with them which help drive conversions & sales!

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    Great templates & content themes!

    Because first impressions count, our email marketing polans allow you to make emails which look fantastic when they land in the inbox of your potential customer.

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    Cost-Efficient Marketing!

    Email marketing is very cost-efficient because each email costs just a few pennies to send. To put this in perspective, our Beginner plan allows for 5,000 emails per month for just £8.99. That means each email costs just a fraction of a penny to send!

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    Opt-in & Unsubscribe Handling

    Our email marketing plans include opt-in and unsubscription handling so that you can help maintain a good reptuation with spam filters and email providers.

Fun fact!
The first email marketing campaign was initiated in 1978. The sender was a man named Gary Thuerk who worked for Digital Equipment Corp. His email marketing campaign was dispatched to just 400 recipients as a promotion for his company's computers, and it actually resulted in well over $12million in sales. That's an average of over $30,000 in revenue per email!


  • Responsive!

    Mobile friendly marketing email designs that look great on any devices!

  • Integrated Opt-in Forms

    Integrated signup forms for Facebook pages, websites, and much more!

  • Automatic List Maintenance

    Automatic removal of bad addresses, dead addresses, duplicate addresses and unsubscribes.

  • Simple Email Composition!

    A simple drag-and-drop email composer for quick composition of effective marketing emails.

  • Integrates With Your Favourite Platforms

    Integrates with Facebook, Etsy, Google Analytics and more.

  • Performance Reports

    Learn which emails get opened, clicks and forwarded.

  • Great Templates.

    Templates designed for specific goals including sales, newsletters and more!

  • Integrated Call-to-action

    NEW! - Clickable buttons for better responses!

  • Works Perfectly With YOUR Website

    Forms which integrate seamlessly with your website for effective opt-ins.

  • Strong & Secure

    World-class infrastructure and authentication tools.


How Much
Does It Cost?

What Plans Are Available? _  Image Name


For anyone who is just getting started with email marketing!

£7.99 / per month _  Image Name


Already have clients? This plan is for you!

£11.99 / per month _  Image Name


For savvy marketing professionals with growing lists.

£23.99 / per month
Beginner Up-n-Running! Professional
Number of Contacts
Number of Emails Per Month
Image Storage
Pre-Built Templates
Mobile-friendly responsive designs
Converts blog posts to emails
Unsubscribe Handling
Unsubscribe options
Works with Facebook, Etsy & more!
Date Triggered Emails
Automated Email Campaigns
Record Signup IP's
Share statistics w/others


How To Choose?

How to Choose An Email Marketing Plan

Important Considerations _  Image Name Choosing an email marketing plan totally depends on your business size and the pace of your expansion.

For instance, if you’ve got thousands of pre-existing customer & leads, then there’s no real gains to be made by skimping on capacity and you should probably start with a high-capacity plan and work towards maximising it’s utility.

On the other hand, if you are just starting out and have only a handful of customers and contacts, then a basic plan with just 500 contacts will be more than adequate to cover your immediate needs and save you some money in the immediate term while you work to build up your customer base. 

Remember, you can always upgrade your plan at a later date (or downgrade if your rate of growth is proving slower than projected!).

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    Think About How Many Customers You Could Feasibly Cope With

    This is important because email marketing campaigns can sometimes produce surprisingly strong results and obviously, if you aren't at the stage with your enterprise where you could cope with 5,000 new customers, then there is little point in choosing a professional 5,000 contact email marketing plan!

    You should also consider how quickly you can feasibly populate the list. So, if you would struggle to populate a list of 5,000 users then it would make more sense to start off with a smaller plan. Remember, you can always upgrade your plan later on!

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    Do you want to opt-in a lot of existing customers?

    If you are planning to use email marketing as a way to keep in touch with a substantial existing customer base, then think about how many contacts this translates to if you manage to successfully opt-in the majority of your contacts.

    Our plans cater for 500, 2,500 and 5,000 users and so, if you are planning to opt-in a lot of pre-existing contacts from the get-go, you should try to pick a plan which can handle the capacity you have in mind.

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    How many emails do you want to send per month?

    How many emails you send per month really depends on the type of business you are running and the relationships you have with your leads & customers.

    If you consider that even on just a small list of 500 people, sending a weekly email translates to 2000 - 2,500 emails per month!

    This represents roughly half of the total volume allowance on our starter plan! Therefore, you should plan ahead and think in terms of: {number of contacts I want x number of emails per month I want to send = ?) and this simple formula will tell you wha plan size you need.




What can email marketing do for my business?

Promotional emails are one of the most economical ways for any business to connect with customers.

Research shows a message is five times more likely to be seen through email than on social media like Facebook or Twitter.

That’s why musicians use email marketing software to share their performance schedule with their fans, non-profits use it to get donations and photographers use it to promote their portrait services.

It just works.

What Is HTML Email?
HTML email refers to the programming code behind those bold, colorful emails you see in your inbox.

For obvious reasons, HTML emails are far more effective than plain text emails. But don’t worry – you don’t need to know a thing about coding to use our email campaign software.

You just need to know how to click and drag. The magic’s on us.
How do I know if my email marketing campaigns are working?
Tracking your campaign is vitally important. That’s why we include a great statistics dashboard with our email marketing plans.

There’s no mystery or guesswork involved.

You’ll even be able to do side-by-side comparisons of different emails to see which mailshots have garnered the most responses.

Another great way to track responses is to include specific discount codes in your mailshots which only are available to mailing list subscribers. By tracking the code redemptions, you’ll get a good idea of how effective your email marketing campaigns are!

Once you have some results, you’ll be able to get an idea of what appeals to your readers and refine your emails for even better results going forwards!
How do I get started?
No problem. We’ll show you how to add one of our sign up forms to your website, Facebook page or at live events to start collecting email addresses.

You can also import your contacts from Outlook or Gmail straight into our email marketing software. Every email you send includes an unsubscribe link, which keeps you from landing on spam blacklists. _ ezwebsphone-optim

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