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Secure your website & your customers with Ezwebs SSL


What Is SSL? _  Image Name The internet in earlier days used to be very much like the wild west.

Buying online was actually a very risky activity because transactions were often unencrypted!

This cause significant problems for sites which relied on a stream of users and shoppers and what we now refer to as man in the middle attacks were commonplace.

To get around this problem, SSL (which stands for Secure Socket Layer) was invented.

SSL allows users and website owners to encrypt the connection which takes place between them and to help verify the identity of websites in order to prevent fraud. _  Image Name



What Are The Benefits?

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    Secure Your Websites Against Hackers & Bots

    SSL is vital because without it your users (and by extension your business) is vulnerable to attacks by hackers & bots.

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    Online Identity Verification For Your Website

    Prevent your website from being copied by malicious copycat fraudsters in so-called "pharming" attacks where fraudsters impersonate your website.

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    A Key Security Reassurance For Your Customers!

    Most shoppers expect to see SSL on e-commerce websites and of course, their browsers warn them about sites that are not secured. SSL is a key assurance factor!

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    Comply With Google & Search Engine Standards

    Google (and other search engines) consider SSL to be an important SEO ranking factor & rank sites with SSL higher in search results.

Fun Fact!

Did you know that there is 1 cyberattack on a UK business every second in the UK? This translates to well over 23million attacks on UK businesses every year! The majority of these attacks are based on information theft & these can be protected against using very simple cost-effective security measures!

Learn More! _  Image Name Watch our 3min introduction video to learn more about the benefits of SSL as a security measure and a key reassurance factor for your website!

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What SSL is most suitable for me? _  Image Name Your SSL requirements depend on a variety of factors.

The most important of which are who your website is targeted at & what your website offers.

If you are taking payments or handling sensitive user data,   SSL will be more of a priority for you as there is a much higher risk of data loss. _  Image Name

Standard SSL

If you have only one website and one domain, you can use standard SSL certificates which are optimised for just one site and standard web security.

Our standard certificates offer a $100,000 warranty which is usually sufficient for most organisations, personal websites, and the majority of businesses. _  Image Name

Wildcard SSL

For securing multisite configurations or websites which use multiple sub-domains, you will require a Wildcard Certificate which offers security & validation for domain names with a certain amount of variability.

They also offer a standard $100,000 warranty against SSL failure. _  Image Name

Premium SSL

If you are handling very sensitive customer information or transactions above $100,000, you would be advised to consider a premium SSL certificate.

This will grant you an extended warranty (up to $1million) and more strict authentification protocols.



Standard SSL _  Image Name Great value for individuals and businesses!

Our line of standard SSL certificates can offer industry standard security
& identity verification from less than £1.50 per week! _  Image Name

Standard SSL

For 1 website.

£52.99 / per year _  Image Name

Standard SSL

For 5 websites.

£77.99 / per year



Premium SSL _  Image Name Enhanced protection for sensitive data requirements!

Offer extended protection security to your valued customers & users from less than £2.50 per week! _  Image Name

Premium SSL

For 1 website.

£115.99 / per year _  Image Name

Premium SSL

For 5 websites.

£269.99 / per year



For Complex Websites & Network Sites _  Image Name

  • Enhanced protection!
  • Supports & protects multiple sub-domains.
  • Offer extended protection & security to your valued customers & users!

Wildcard SSL is a form of SSL which is installed on a “master domain” and can adapt to protect users of different subdomains.

For instance, if you have a main domain (much like we use alongside a separate subdomain for your store (much like we use “”) then you will find that this requires an SSL certificate which can adapt to the slight variation in the main domain name.

Applications like this require a wildcard SSL certificate.

These certificates can protect multiple unlimited sub-somains across an unlimited number of servers making them idea to defend complex websites which have more complex domain and sub-domain systems in use. _  Image Name

Wildcard SSL

For 1 Website

£270.99 / per year




What is SSL?
SSL is simply a way of establishing a unique encrypted connection between yourself and a website you are visiting.

SSL certificates are required to enable encryption and this also serves as an “identity card” for your website by showing that you are the genuine owner of your website and not an imposter.
What SSL do I need for my website?
It really depends on your particular circumstances.

A good rule of thump is that if you are running a person site, or a small business site, with less than $1million of assets at risk, then you can use a standard SSL certificate.

This grants you access to standard verification and a $100,000 warranty in the case of SSL failure.

If you are handling very sensitive information or substantial amounts of assets & cash above the $1million mark, then you should opt for a Premium SSL certificate.

This enables an enhanced verification process and comes with a $1million warranty in the case of SSL failure leading to financial loss.

Furthermore, if you are running a multisite setup or a more-complex structure of sub-domains, then you should opt for a Wildcard Certificate which can take into account the variation in domain names which occurs in this sort of setup.
How do I Install an SSL certificate?
  1. Firstly, purchase your certificate and download the relevant files.

  2. Check what system you are using. In cPanel and Plesk, there are dedicated functions for uploading and installing SSL certificates.

  3. One you have uploaded and install the certificate, check that your SSL is operating correctly by browsing your site and look at the address bar. If SSL is functioning properly, you should see a “https://” tag rather than a “http://” tag. It should usually also show a padlock symbol signifying that your connection is secure. If you click on this, you can see information about the security of the connection including whether your connection is secure and what SSL is operating.

  4. If all of the checks are good then you are SSL ready! _ ezwebsphone-optim

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